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Zak is a very sweet, down to earth, and a independent person. I also heard that she threw her phone at him, called his fans "a bunch of haunted witches" and he stopped following her(she still follows him and trys to get his attention by posting old pictures) and he ended up getting new phone, with prob. He did so much for her and treated her with so much love and respect, then she turns around and pulls this stuff in front of everyone including his fans.They broke up back in April, about a week before his birthday, and still are not together!One of his books that he wrote along with Kelly Crigger managed to hit than New York Times Best Seller list as the most popular book.As a TV personality, Zak hosted the Paranormal Challenge in 2011 and the co-founder and host to the reality show “Ghost Adventures.” Zak Bagans born on 5th April 1977in Washington D. He later attended Glenbard West High School in Illinois.

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He is known for his paranormal investigation and as a television personality. Some of his popular books include: I am haunted: Living life through the dead, Darkness Optional: The Holy truth, among others.From our speculation, he could have pulled an April fools prank on his fans and did it so well that most of his fun believed.In trying to find out more about Ashley, we realized that the only Ashley in Zak’s life is Ashley Wasley who is the wife of his friend and co-star Jay Wasley.So for people out there asking if Zak Bagans is married, we want to inform you that he might not be married yet.

In 2013 sources claim that he was having an affair with a lady known as Christine.He's more concerned with being the center of attention and not just her center of attention. Its sort of like a game of "king of the hill" they both want the spotlight. Its ultimately volatile, they are WAY too much alike, it will never work.