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Noted for its fine beaches and stunning mountainous scenery, Turkey’s southwesternmost shore has long been dubbed the Turquoise Coast, thanks to the hues of its horizons and the sea.It’s dominated by the Baba, Akdağ and Bey mountains, which drop precipitously to the main coastal highway that often skims just above the water.

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Alexander the Great arrived in 333 BC and, after conquering Halikarnassos, secured the region’s surrender; following his death, Lycia was ruled by his general, Ptolemy, also king of Egypt.Other convenient bases include the nearby resorts of Kalkan and Kaş, smaller than Fethiye and pitched at rather different clienteles.The spectacular mountainous hinterland is also well worth exploring, especially with your own wheels, with dramatic ancient Arykanda the most obvious target.Homer’s mentions the Lycians as allies of the Trojans; later, in the sixth century BC, the region was subdued by the Persians, but then largely left to govern itself.

From 454 BC, after the Athenian general Cimon had expelled the Persians from the Mediterranean coast, the Lycians became members of the Athens-dominated Delian League.You’ll find practical information on the country as a whole, including details on flights, in Turkey Basics.