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23-Apr-2016 22:51

But I love him and I'm with him and he's the best I've ever been with. Trust me, if a man is bad in bed the woman will be out the door but your wife has been with you for 14 years.So it really didn't have much to do with me but with my fiance's insecurities. Can't change it, but you can change your perception of it.It’s a sad thing, but I’ve met all sorts of women who think their relationship should be “better” somehow and their approach to improve the relationship is to constantly nag her boyfriend, argue/blame/attack him for things or sulk around being depressed that her relationship is isn’t “better”. Amazingly, these girls always get dumped shortly after acting like this… So that’s why I’m saying that your best bet is to go in the directions of deeper love and appreciation for him, versus trying to find some way to manipulate him to change or something like that.

No one wants to know that the person they love has had a past.I know that it is so long ago that it shouldnt matter, and obviously I cannot change the past, but I continue to find myself bothered by what I have found out and dont seem to be able to let it go and just get over it. ur wife maybe didn't want u 2 loose interest in her back then and decided to lie and personally I think it doesn't matter now coz you have been 2gether for 14yrs and u have never felt it when having sex that she had with many partners before you.if you leave her you will find a worse one who will also not tell the truth to you and maybe u will have more problems with the one u'll find.It's NOT about the past...it's about TRUST.

If people rush into marriage, okay...you're going to find out things later.

He seems to put himself and friends first before me. What do I do if my boyfriend doesn’t want to move-in together? But relationships are guaranteed to make one or both people grow…

He is probably not use to such an open minded person and your alternative ways of seeing things may shock him in the beginning.… continue reading »

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