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29-Jan-2016 14:19

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Many people are concerned that after marrying Mercy Johnson, you’ll want another wife. He, Prince Odianosen Okojie decided to clear the air by telling his own part of what has become a rather messy story.

In a recent interview, Prince Odianosen Okojie stated without reserve that his relationship with Lovely Okojie ended in 2007.

A* Yes they’re real pictures taken long time ago, I love my kids and I always try to be in contact with them.——Q* How long have you known Mercy Johnson (by known we mean dating her)?

A* Since 2008.——Q* Some of our readers said that it’s ok for a prince to marry many wives, but isn’t that usually with the consent of the other wife (wives)?

A* There is nothing to say about me, I am just me and it’s not the right time to be talking about my person, I only responded to these ridiculous claims from my past.——Q* Is there something we didn’t cover in the interview?

A* Just wanted to state clearly here, this lady in question [Lovely] was in Italy and now relocated to Canada, I am not living with her, and all that happened was in Italy years ago before I relocated to Nigeria where I found my happiness in more at source: // after?

Will Mercy accept his children from his "former" relationship?

When things like this happens, I only wish the best for the kids.

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A* I am shock to read her claims as well, it is very obvious she wants to ruin my relationship and present happiness; I don’t have any proof of people being behind her to tell these lies.——Q* Many people are concerned that after marrying Mercy Johnson, you’ll want another wife, tell these readers your mind directly about marrying Mercy Johnson, will you be marrying another one soon after her? I love my Mercy and that it.——Q* Tell us a little about yourself?

Yes I am planning to marry another wife and seeing we’re not together since 2007, I don’t need her consent.