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The duo have been traversing the length and breadth of the country in , Locatelli and Graham-Dixon travel around picturesque Puglia, in the heel of Italy, taking in the towns of Matera, Lecce and Alberobello, and feasting on the local delights.

Here are some of their best discoveries: These custard pies are distinct to Lecce, a city where you can admire the baroque buildings while you indulge in the sweet treats.

The curd is hand-stretched - a process that requries great strength, and realigns the protein to give the cheese its characteristic texture.

It is then turned inside out and moulded into the shape of a small pot. This guy's hands have got a strength you can't even imagine," Locatelli says of the cheese-maker. "It has the same kind of intensity as a really fantastic cheddar." "But a bit more grainy than a cheddar? "Yes, it's a bit more towards parmesan in that sense. " In need of a cool snack on a hot Italian day, Locatelli takes Graham-Dixon to a Gelateria Caffetteria Arte Fredda in Alberobello where they make gelato using products from the surrounding countryside.

Place in the whole and larger meatier fishes first, let them have a little time in there, and add the rest of the fishes/prawns in stages. Toast the bread and rub both sides with the garlic. Carefully pile up the seafood onto the bread and spoon over the broth, making sure all that bread is soaked. Serve with more of the broth on the side (dunking extra bread in it is so good).

Next up is Milan with its temples dedicated to capitalism (the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II) and art (La Scala).

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Do make sure to serve it with lots of bread to soak up the lovely broth. 2 tbsps olive oil 1 red onion, chopped 1 clove garlic, minced 2 large pinches of dried chilli flakes 3 tbsps tomato paste about a glass of red wine 1 large squid, cleaned and cut into pieces a handful of whole prawns assorted other fishes – I used a chunk of monkfish, the tail end of some pollack, a couple of jacks (excellent) and a small red snapper thick slices of a good white bread (a baguette will do) a large clove of garlic chopped fresh parsley (optional) First, make your fish stock.On one recent programme, they traveled to Livorno, on the coast of Tuscany, and there Locatelli cooked an incredible looking fish stew from that city.The video clip where Locatelli cooks this cacciucco can be seen here.You can see why I suddenly felt the need to make one of these fish stews the next day.

The story goes that you want at least five different types of fishes in this stew, one for each ‘C’ in the word ‘cacciucco’; Locatelli mentioned 17 in the programme but this seems a bit over the top for just two or four people!"It's a sort of higher level custard pie," he says.

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