Tyra banks and rob evans dating 2018

01-Jul-2016 19:41

” • Male model Rob Evans is really ridiculously good looking and seems to often inspire Tyra to speak in a shoddy English accent. they always have this stereotype of what a model should be.” On the other hand, Cutrone thought the fans were so insightful, “I thought they might unemploy us!

in addition to his past as a professional boxer ...

If there's a picture I think is sexy, I'm just like...

When asked what she thought Rob brought to the show, Cutrone replied with a resounding, “Duh! And for the models, he represented something doable to them.” Pun... As for Tyra's two cents, “He's so fine and sexy that it's kind of distracting. Lastly, Rob Evans on Rob Evans: “I'm just tryna keep it real, ya know what I mean.

Tyra Banks helped strip her new "America's Next Top Model" costar Robert Evans of his clothes today on "Good Morning America" -- but is she doing the same in real life too?!

Rumors started spreading that the two were hooking up when the 38-year-old supermodel posted a photo of her and the much-younger Rob in Jamaica together earlier this summer.

I mean, who doesn’t like a guy with a British accent?