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28-Jan-2016 13:16

He will then go to the microphone, call the girl through the speakers inside and she will stand up and leave the fishbowl. 2,000 Baht for the full program, prices are always fixed) and right after your girl will appear in front of you and greet you with a polite wai.

You follow her up (or down) the stairs or into the elevator at some newer places and walk to the private massage room.

It’s quite popular among Thai men to hang out and drink for a couple of hours while slowly making up their choice.

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Just to clarify things from the beginning – there are two types of massage in Thailand: Most foreigners try the small shops and go for an oil massage and a happy ending but many are reluctant to visit a soapy massage parlor.I have included a more detailed description about the different types of girls in the soapies below.You tell the papasan which girl you would like or really just the number of the girl.She will get a set of towels, soap and condom(s) before you enter the room and she starts filling the tub with warm water and soap for the bath while you get undressed.

Of course you can also ask her to help you with that.It’s different for Thai men or Asian men in general who usually don’t like to be seen with hookers in public and that’s why the massage parlors are the number 1 entertainment venues for the locals here (along with partly illegal operated brothels).