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13-Oct-2016 00:06

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The young women most of the time are victims of their circumstances - poverty has a lot to do with it. In most institutions of higher learning in Uganda, it is a hobby for young ladies to have 'sugar daddies'.The beauty of it all is that both parties go into such relationships knowing the trade-offs and there is no question of either party exploiting the other since the relationship is "mutually beneficial".

Their wives are normally at home creeping with their own Sugar Daddy.

Usually he has a family and denies the girl the chance to raise her own, and will only see the young girl when it is convenient for him. Jonzs Aduku, Ghana Definitely some 'sugar daddies' just exploit the girls and treat them badly, but the majority of them provide and take good care of these girls.

Let's not allow the bad nuts to cloud our judgement.

Paul Kimalyo, Uganda All involved should be ashamed of themselves.

Job Egalaha, Kenya An escape from misery and the glaring levels of poverty in Africa's underdeveloped countries has attracted a high number of our young girls to be going for the 'sugar daddies'.

This week on Africa Live we will be exploring the issue of 'sugar daddies'. If the two can do it in a legal way with good intention, I do not see any thing wrong with a 'sugar daddy'. The 'sugar daddy' is normally an old man on an ego trip.