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$h = fopen("test.wav", "rb"); $stdout = fopen("php://stdout", "wb"); while ( ! In my application, I need to authenticate against AD, which I'm doing with Ztec Security Active Directory Bundle, but also layer in some local user information. However, I'm having an issue figuring out the proper way to layer in my own user provider ...I'm starting to use netbeans and leaving eclipse (aptana in my case).

It seems that it is pretty hard to put utf8 into cookies because there would be problems with browser compatibility for example. Having trouble storing multiple checkbox values into DB.

Is there any way of creating a cookie on the first time they submit the form, so t...

I have asked this question but the answer I got isn't what I am looking for, I would like to select all rows from table1 and table2 then echo $row[title] from both tables.

So far I could retrieve the MAC address and convert it to MD5 successfully. I wrote $LEVEL = level($skillxp) however the "cho 'efniewfb3idn3uo'; never prints out. function level($xp) { echo 'efniewfb3idn3uo'; for ($lvl = 1; $lvl I've been trying things all day to stop RT's from appearing but have had no luck.

Would anyone know how I could stop RT's from appearing? I've been trying to embed the login functionality of Tank Auth in my Code Igniter based app.My question is using fade In with j Query AJAX in a news portal comment system.