Lds new era dating issue

17-Jan-2017 16:40

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She said she grew up in an area where there were very few LDS boys to date (much like the area we lived in at the time).

Her father told her that he wanted her to be able to date, even if it meant nonmembers.

He didn’t drink, didn’t smoke and seemed to believe most of what I believe.

We dated, married and several years later, he was baptized. Unfortunately, after about eight years, he decided not to continue going to church.

Another daughter met a wonderful young man at university.

They were friends, then good friends for over a year before they actually began dating. This is a matter between the person and The Lord – it’s not really anyone else’s business, and pointing the finger and judging is inappropriate, as you don’t know the full story.

She was surprised and pleased that they really did not.

This wise counsel from a seminary teacher has already affected your family, and it can help many other families now that you’ve shared it with us.I grew up in Nevada, and there were quite a few LDS youth in my area.