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29-Apr-2016 22:04

It's important that you maintain this kind of bond with each other and not try to become something that either of you are not.

Honesty is a very key element to any type of relationship.

Maybe not literally reading each others minds, but you both know each other so well that you pretty much already know what they are going to say, what they want, what they need, what they were going to do, anything.

This is another way of knowing that you have your one true soul mate.

I buried the lumps in my throat, the sting of sibling comparisons (sister is a bold extrovert) and my I spent the last five years honing my vulnerability and the previous 38 fighting it.

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If you are interesting in reading more about sensitivity start here: The Highly Sensitive Person – Dr.As an adult, I took on more and more responsibilities because strong people can juggle.