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15-Jul-2016 16:03

If you’re yet to watch last night’s Channel 4 documentary, My Online Nightmare, then we suggest you prepare yourself before you catch up.

The documentary highlights the sinister and dangerous side of online dating, exploring some of the most extreme cases of online deception.

After an unsuccessful marriage, Mr Crosby put a lot of research into his break-up.

He began reading about the psychology of the human mate selection and books for men who wanted to improve their confidence with women.

We’re introduced to a range of people in the first episode who unfortunately have been targeted by deceptive scammers and fraudsters and whose aim is to use the internet to lure their victims into unruly situations.

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Before the meeting, Chris is nervous and asks continuous questions about how he looks, but all in all, the lunch goes well.After meeting with her parents, Chris, out of the blue, doesn’t want to see Megan again and abruptly ends their relationship.It’s then revealed that Chris has been lying to Megan and isn’t the boy of her dreams.After a bit of research, he realised a lot of the combat psychology he already knew was actually "applicable to love" as well."This was a breakthrough for me, because as an analytical ex-soldier I had been interested in combat psychology for a long time," Mr Crosby said.

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"It allowed me to transfer things I had learnt from one arena into another."I was putting my learning to the test practically as well.On the other side of any online conversation, there is a real life person who, you hope, are who they say they are. Our advice is to try and not take everything at face value and be safe. If they have nothing to hide, then they will be more than happy to do it.