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You must possess a ticket or pass with a valid date and time in order to ride.A valid monthly or weekly pass is also considered as proof of payment.The second ride, back towards the station of purchase, can be taken any time before the end of the service day in which the ticket was purchased.COMMUTER CHECKS: The Charlotte Area Transit System does accept Commuter Checks.Most of the area colleges and universities have pass purchase programs through CATS that provide students with reduced prices when purchasing those passes through the college / university.Bus transfers are valid on LYNX if used with the time indicated on the back of transfer. PROOF OF PAYMENT: The LYNX Blue Line operates as a proof of payment fare collection system.Our off-site adoption center inside Petco at 4144 N.Blackstone at Ashlan in Fresno is open daily 10am-5pm and Wednesday 10am-6pm (photos, video).

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FARE EVASION: CATS' Fare Inspectors and Police Officers will check for valid tickets and passes aboard the LYNX Blue Line.

Failure to possess a valid ticket or pass could result in a citation of and you may face a Class 3 misdemeanor charge.

If received a citation from CATS you can learn more about paying or appearing your citation by CLICKING HERE​.

You must submit an online application and receive an approval e-mail before making an adoption appointment.

Please call (559) 638-0490 for an appointment before coming by.We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation (EIN 27-0015288), so your cash donations are tax-deductible.