Average time spent dating before marriage

09-Mar-2016 20:12

One revelation came about when Morag explained the 'Aguamenti' charm that she'd just drenched him with as not being a charm at all.

An owl, unknown to him, arrived carrying a letter, and since he was still deep in thought, he opened it without care.

The letter read: Potter, I don't know what you did, but the Master has been in his chambers since yesterday afternoon, screaming himself hoarse.

No Death Eater who wants to live will go near him under these circumstances, since those who've come too near all dropped dead, and nobody will ever believe in his superiority again. The letter was signed in blood, and Harry was speechless for all of ten seconds before he exploded into action.

That led to Harry experimenting with conjuring other things, resulting in the development of the first true magical, wand based close-combat weapon: A magical Taser, brought about as a continuous conjuration of high voltage electricity.

Morag was mightily impressed as she set about working out the theory of the spell, based on his explanations.He'd made another nifty conjuration as well, complete with sound effects, but he was saving that for another time.