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Some of these patterns can be used by anyone to search for other exoplanets using mid-transit timing anomalies, called "transit timing variations" (TTV).

Other patterns may justify a reconsideration of stellar limb darkening and center miss distance.

A notation may be made on the LC plot showing 2-minute RMS of the individual measurements.

When many transits are present on a web page devoted to an exoplanet, and ordered with the most recent LC at the top, it is easy to notice the following patterns: transists occuring early or late (implying a need for refining the orbital period), depths varying in a systematic way with filter (related to star spectral type and center miss distance) and transit length varying over time.

In this way amateurs with good observing skills can contribute to the professional astronomy community's growing understanding of exoplanet systems, and possibly produce interest in anomalies that could lead to the discovery of additional exoplanets in the same exo-planetary system.

This web page describes how anyone who has observed an exoplanet, and produced a light curve (LC), can submit their observations and have them added to the archive.

I'd also like to thank Whitey Morange, President of PHSNE, for gently pushing me to work on this project.

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Technique Filter Choice Defocusing Comment on Correcting LCs for Slope and Curvature Practice Images Ground Rules for Professional Use of Data Files Future of AXA Contributors AXA Submission Statistics Software Used Statistics Related Links This archive was created in 2007 becasuse at that time amateurs had no place to submit their observations of exoplanet transits where they would be preserved for posterity.Since it is scientifically important to preserve a historical record of transit light curves (LCs), and since LCs that are only present at an individual observer's web page are unlikely to be preserved for later use, there was an unmet need for an archive of amateur LCs that presented them in a uniform format.Such an archive would grow in value and could become a useful resource many years in the future.Only a handfull of amateurs are associated with a professional group of astronomers, where archives are preserved, and their LC archive s are not in the public domain.

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The AXA was opened for anyone to submit observations that were likely to be added to the AXA web pages and maintained as a historical archive.The resulting LC plot will list mid-transit time, transit depth and transit length.

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